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Energy Risk Management

This program has been designed specifically for working professionals:

• To Understand the Energy Economics and Pricing.
• To Understand markets for different Energy commodity.
• To Understand connection between the Constantly changing system.
• To Understand different production and transportation system.
• Know interdependency between energy and technology.
• To Understand the Principle of energy trading.

Course Data

Learning Objectives:

  • Conventional and unconventional Natural gas reserves.

  • Energy Economics.

  • Supply and Demand.

  • Energy Security.

  • Buyers Credit Pricing for natural gas Exports using Country risk rating.

  • The Drivers of Energy Consumption.

  • Energy Derivatives.

  • Crude Oil spot and Future Market.

  • IPO's of Energy Market.

  • Treatment of Energy in Portfolio.

  • Government price control.

  • Government share per barrel of oil.

  • Monopoly Production, Price and Profit.

  • Double-sided bidding Market.

  • OPEC Market.

  • OPEC monthly production and quotas.

  • Crude.

  • Natural Gas.

  • Coal.

  • Electricity.

  • Nuclear Power.

  • Hydroelectric Power.

  • Geo-Thermal Power.

  • Transport of fuels and cost.

  • Future Contract Price.

  • Value of put option.

  • Managing the margin.