This program has been designed specifically for working professionals to:

• To understand the concept of Foreign Exchange Market; linkage of risk and return.
• To know the details of Currencies.
• To understand the Currency and Banking.
• To understand the impact of money in different part of the world.

Course Data

Learning Objectives:

  • Nature of Forex Management

  • Scope of Forex Management

  • Significance of Forex Management

  • Forex Management and His Skills

  • Participants in the Foreign Exchange Market

  • Mechanics of Forex Trading

  • Relationship between Spot and Forward Rates

  • Inter-relationship of different variables in Foreign Exchange Transactions

  • Exchange Rate Quotations and Arbitrage

  • Foreign Exchange Rates

  • Factors Affecting Foreign Exchange Rates

  • Foreign Exchange Quotes

  • Determination of Exchange Rates

  • Forex Trading; Currency Futures and Options

  • Currency Derivatives Trading

  • Currency Options

  • Advantages of Currency Options

  • Features of Currency Option Contracts

  • Risk in Foreign Exchange Business

  • Pegging of Currency