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Master Black Belt

If you are planning to participate in Six Sigma Black Belt training, sit for the Enlighten-Edu Six Sigma Mster Black Belt exam or the Certified Quality Engineer exam you’ll get a refresher in statistical tools common to both exams’ Bodies of Knowledge.

Course Data

Learning Objectives:

  • Design and implement accurate and cost-effective data collection systems that will provide useful data
    for business process analysis.

  • Graphically and mathematically summarize either small samples or large amounts of data in order to
    reach sound conclusions.

  • Collect process data and develop process maps

  • Utilize the predictive power of probability distributions to project process performance in advance.

  • Accurately estimate population characteristics from small sample groups.

  • Evaluate sample data to determine if process interventions are truly effective or to compare various system
    options before making final decisions.

  • Perform exploratory data analysis to detect process patterns and validate assumptions about
    process distributions patterns.

  • Analyze data that does not fit into a particular probability distribution pattern.

  • Develop mathematical models to predict business results from existing data.

  • Determine the strength and direction of the relationship between two variables.

  • alidate the effectiveness and completeness of predictive models.

  • Communicate more effectively with others who require or use statistics in their business activities.

  • Prevent the misuse and misinterpretation of business process data.

  • Perform the quantitative analyses required for successfully completing Six Sigma Black Belt training and
    for the Enlighten-Edu Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Quality Engineering exams.